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Inspired Style

Style is a reflection of who you are and how you live. We can help you define your personal style and how we can bring it to life. Want to know more about up-to-the-minute trends? Or maybe you'd like general cabinet design information.

You can also browse our Inspiration Gallery to explore the possibilities and discover how your vision becomes the room of your dreams!

Kitchen Design 101 »

This guide to common kitchen layouts will help you plan your space for maximum functionality.

Design Styles »

Learn more about popular design styles to discover the look that is right for you.

Kitchen Design Trends »

Jump-start your thinking with a look at the latest cabinet design trends.

Whole Home 2022 »

Omega Cabinetry partnered with the iconic House Beautiful team to breathe new life into a historic Tudor home with modern- vintage inspired finishes.

A woman preparing food at the island of her Omega kitchen
Learn About Cabinetry

You are in and out of kitchen and bath cabinets every day without a second thought. Now that you are ready to start a project, you might want to know a little more about the different types, construction methods, materials and other cabinetry design details that might not have crossed your mind. We think you'll find that beauty is more than skin deep at Omega.

Cabinet 101 »

This guide will help you learn the basic cabinet terms that your designer or contractor may use.

Cabinet Materials »

Find the right material for your cabinet design.

Cabinet Construction Types »

Explore the basics of Framed and Full Access cabinet construction methods.

Cabinet Finishes and Techniques »

Learn about the different types of finishes and techniques to personalize your project.

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Desired Details

We know that everyday functionality is as important to you as beauty. Fortunately we have plenty of both to go around. With ways to organize that are astounding practical to beautiful accents that are outstandingly beautiful, you'll love what you see at Omega.

Cabinet Storage Solutions »

Omega makes it easy to organize your life with a vast array of cabinet storage solutions.

Cabinet Accents & Embellishments »

Personalize your project with decorative elements from Omega.

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Want to learn a little more? Browse Omega literature at your leisure, or use our care and cleaning guide to learn how to maintain the beauty of your cabinets. You'll find just the amount of information you want, right at the time you'll want to have it.

Cabinet Brochures »

Peruse Omega's brochures for another way to learn about our products and spark your imagination.

Warranty »
You can trust our commitment to you.
Cleaning Cabinets »

Learn how to clean your cabinets properly to keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

Video Library »

Explore and view our select videos to experience Omega, inside and out.