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New Embellishments & Wood Hoods

Embrace the details to convey your personal style

Choosing the right elements can truly make a difference- they create character and unify spaces. New farmhouse details and wood hoods add that finishing touch and reimagined style to your design

Modern Farmhouse

The contemporary take on rustic style. We’re craving comforting, cozy spaces. Modern farmhouse retains a fresh look, and yet embraces warmth and simplicity characterized by natural textures and materials like wood, brushed metals and a neutral palette.

X-end, Shiplap Moulding, Shiplap Tapered Wood HoodShiplap Straight Wood Hood

Cohesive Design

The paneled styling of these hoods mirror the door detailing to enhance design uniformity.

Incredibly versatile, build traditional character with the addition of intricate corbels, sculpted legs and a detailed moulding stack.

For a cleaner transitional style choose simple corbels or brackets along with sleeker legs and mouldings. 

Straight Batten Wood Hood, Square Flat Panel Wood HoodArch Flat Panel Wood Hood


Fresh and Now

Simple, sleek hoods with deliberately clean lines.

Bold, geometric minimalism that becomes a functional focal point of your kitchen 

Contemporary Straight Wood HoodLinear Tapered Wood Hood

Streamlined Styling

Artful elegance for an easygoing atmosphere

Effortless contouring is right at home with these modernized hoods

Simple Tapered Wood HoodTapered Wood Hood